Our mission

The mission of Crossroads Charter High School is to serve as a lighthouse for students, parents and the community by providing educational solutions and innovative teaching techniques in an effort to achieve academic excellence for all students.

Our approach

We are dedicated to the education of the total student. At Crossroads Charter High School we understand the growing intricacy and expanding needs of the 21st Century workforce. There is little question that all students should graduate from high school fully prepared for college and career. In response to this Crossroads Charter High School places a strong emphasis on Projected Based Learning with a concentration on 21stCentury Competencies, where students learn transferable skills like critical thinking, and problem solving which are essential for college and career readiness. We also offer students an opportunity for dual enrollment, in college and vocational classes, allowing students to earn college credits, or trade skills while still enrolled at Crossroads. We do our best to provide multiple opportunities for our students to reach beyond themselves and we support them in their efforts. We promote write my essay help and community service and we are committed to building character.

Our people

We have an outstanding faculty and a talented student body. We do our best to build strong relationships with our students in a supportive, intimate and innovative learning environment. We expect excellence through persistence from our faculty, staff and our students.